FAST FIVE: Why The S-400 Is A More Formidable Threat To US Arms Industry Than You Think

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To give two prime examples that occurred in Syria in 2018, latest-generation missiles were intercepted and shot down by decades-old Russian and Syrian systems.

It is an excellent stick with which to keep a prowling Washington at bay.

The effectiveness of stealth has been debated for a long time, given that their costs may actually outweigh their purported benefits.

What in particular causes them nightmares is that, for the S-400 to function in Turkey, it will have to be integrated into Turkey's current “identification friend or foe” (IFF) systems, which in turn are part of NATO's military tactical data-link network, known as Link 16.

It turns out that the S-400 is a weapon system with multiple purposes that is even more lethal than previously imagined.

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