FAST FIVE: In "New Era" Of Cooperation, Russia And China Form Alliance Against The U.S.

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“We have also talked about literature, art and sport…President Putin is the foreign colleague that I have interacted with most extensively.

He is my best friend and I greatly treasure our friendship.” Xi told press in Moscow that the two leaders could “bring our relations to a new era of greater development” while both countries watch their relations with the US unravel.

“We have the confidence and capability to bring our relations to a new era of greater development at a higher level, based on our experience and achievements of the past 70 years,” Xi was quoted as saying.

Xi added that China and Russia both hope the US – and everyone involved – can “remain reasonable and restrained” and “reduce tensions.” “With the US recently imposing extreme pressure and unilateral sanctions on Iran, tensions over the nuclear issue in Iran and even the entire Middle East have become worrying,” he said.

He [Trump] has often said that he's good friends with President Xi.

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