FAST FIVE: Beijing Slams Washington, Warns US To "Stop Interfering In Hong Kong Affairs Immediately"

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After senior American senators introduced legislation on Thursday requiring that the US president to protect Americans from the effects of the proposed Hong Kong extradition law and sanction individuals responsible for abducting booksellers, journalists and activists, senior Chinese officials on Friday were predictably less than thrilled.

And while more Hong Kong officials urged the government to 'pause' the process for passing the extradition bill, senior Chinese officials have reportedly summoned officials from the US embassy in Beijing to issue a stern warning to Washington not to interfere in the situation in Hong Kong CHINA'S FOREIGN MINISTRY SAYS LODGED STERN REPRESENTATIONS TO US REGARDING HONG KONG CHINA'S FOREIGN MINISTRY SAYS SUMMONED SENIOR US EMBASSY OFFICIAL IN BEIJING CHINA'S FOREIGN MINISTRY SAYS URGES US TO STOP INTERFERING IN HONG KONG AFFAIRS IMMEDIATELY CHINA'S FOREIGN MINISTRY SAYS URGES US TO NOT TAKE ACTIONS THAT HARM HONG KONG'S PROSPERITY AND STABILITY CHINA'S FOREIGN MINISTRY SAYS CHINA RESOLUTELY OPPOSED TO US INTERVENTION IN HONG KONG The news helped push the dollar higher, and it's certainly not helping bolster the market's appetite for risk.

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