FAST FIVE: Wealthy Millennials Are Now Moving To These States 

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To calculate net inflow of each state, the study used inflow minus the outflow of wealthy millennials to find precisely which states wealthy millennials are moving to.

With Texas on the Gulf Coast, and Colorado and Tennessee in the Heartland.

Wealthy millennials are abandoning the Northeast: Five of the bottom ten states (Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Virginia, Illinois, and New York) are located in the Northeast with some of the most significant outflows.

Even less wealthy millennials, stuck in the gig-economy with insurmountable debts, aren't flocking to New York anymore.

A SmartAsset study from 2018 showed New York didn't even make the top 25, but rather Seattle, Washington; Columbia, South Carolina; and Sacramento, California, were some of the top spots where non-wealthy millennials were moving to.

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