FAST FIVE: Turkey's New Violent Political Culture

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After opposition leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu was taken to a safehouse, members of the mob surrounded it and chanted, “Let's burn down the house!” Apparently each unpunished case of political violence committed on behalf of the dominant state ideology (Islamism) and its sacrosanct leader (Erdoğan) encourages the next.

Not in Turkey, where any political race looks more like warfare than simple democratic competition.

A month later, Ahmet Hakan, a prominent Hürriyet columnist and a presenter at CNN-Türk, was outside his home.

We do not want people to walk around half-naked with alcohol bottles in their hands in this sacred city watered by the blood of our ancestors.” The Istanbul governor's office later banned the march.

She donated 20 liras (approximately $3.50) to the election campaign of the opposition candidate running for mayor of Istanbul.

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