FAST FIVE: Trump To Announce US Troop Commitment In Poland Amid Discussions Over 'Fort Trmp' 

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-Wall Street Journal Duda and Trump will meet on Wednesday at the White House according to administration officials, who added on condition of anonymity that the announcement would involve a greater US commitment to NATO.  They declined to say whether the announcement will involve the permanent stationing of US troops in Poland.

Andrzej Dera, a minister at Duda's chancellery in Warsaw, confirmed that a deal would be signed.

-Bloomberg “President Duda intents to sign an agreement that substantially boosts the US military presence in Poland,” Dera told Polsat News on Wednesday, adding “It will be a boost to infrastructure and troops, but it won't be a classic base like the US has Ramstein in Germany.” Polish leaders had originally requested that America establish a permanent station with a full Army brigade, however the Wednesday announcement will undoubtedly be used by Warsaw as a sign of political success.  Polish media earlier reported the deal bolsters some 4,000 troops the US now rotates in and out of Poland by over 1,000 soldiers and envisages the European Union's largest eastern member will cover the cost of upgrades of military infrastructure and related utility bills.

“Security is priceless and we can afford it,” Dera said.

Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 11, 2018 During his push, Trump held Poland up as a shining example of a country which has met its 2% goal, and has complimented the conservative Duda who has repeatedly locked horns with EU leaders over various issues – most relating to mass migration and rule of law issues.  According to Bloomberg, Trump and Duda will also discuss “trade, energy security and communications security, including US efforts to block Huawei Technologies Co.'s access to 5G networks in Europe.” Officials report that the US is also prepared to sell F-35 jets to Poland following their formal request.  Separately on Wednesday, the US and Poland announced an agreement to expand the country's civil nuclear program, and that Warsaw had signed two LNG deals with US suppliers in October. .

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