FAST FIVE: Secrecy & Lies: How The Chernobyl Story Sheds Light On The Dangers Of America's Warfare State

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The reason was that the button activated the introduction of control rods containing boron into the fissioning uranium, which would cause the entire system to be immediately shut down.

He wrote that it was imperative that all the control rods be replaced immediately.

After the crisis was brought under control, the Soviets continued to maintain as much secrecy as they could, first with a secret show trial of the plant managers and then by trying to prevent any evidence of state involvement in the disaster through the use of the defective control rods and the suppression of the 1975 warnings from the nuclear scientist.

After Snowden revealed the truth, Snowden was vilified as a bad guy, while Clapper, who of course was never indicted for perjury or contempt of Congress, was celebrated as a good guy who was “keeping us safe.” While Snowden was forced to live a life of exile in Russia to avoid incarceration or execution in the United States as a “traitor,” Clapper became a popular political commentator.

Suddenly people are faced with a crisis of conscience.

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