FAST FIVE: Is Bitcoin's Increasing Anonymity A Threat To Privacy Coins?

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On the one hand, numerous privacy coins offer technological advantages over Bitcoin, even when Bitcoin is benefiting from mixing services.

For those who aren't familiar with such mixing protocols, they basically combine numerous Bitcoin payments into a single transaction, so that it becomes difficult to disentangle who exactly sent what and to whom.

So if you can 'hide' in the crowd of bitcoin users, it's a much bigger crowd than say ZCash.” Banning privacy In addition to Bitcoin's improving privacy, a crackdown has been launched against privacy coins in various corners of the globe.

As such, it's likely that more users will be driven toward Bitcoin, since they'll know they can use it on any regulated exchange, and that they can still make occasional use of additional privacy features whenever might they need them.

heavy privacy Overall, the situation doesn't look too good for privacy coins, although with Monero still being the 13th most valuable cryptocurrency by market cap, you'd struggle to find any immediate proof of a decline in favor of Bitcoin, even if it was the ninth most valuable crypto in early November.

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