FAST FIVE: "We Are Extremely Angry": Thousands Of Protesters Block Hong Kong Roads In Protest Against China Extradition Bill

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We are live, again: Thousands block roads in downtown Hong Kong in defiant protest against #extraditionbill via @scmpnews – Jeffie Lam (@jeffielam) June 12, 2019 According to the SCMP, crowds of predominantly young people, some dressed in black and wearing face masks, dragged metal barriers and linked arms, closing off roads surrounding the government building.The protesters had arrived as early as Tuesday night, with some clashing verbally with police over the force's heavy presence.

While the police has refused to engage so far, there were occasional reports of police using pepper spray on some protesters.

Protesters are joined by DP chairman Wu Chi-wai #extraditionbill #LegCo – Lok.

#LIVE: More footage from the ground shows huge crowds gathering on Harcourt Road near the government headquarters #extraditionbill – SCMP News (@SCMPNews) June 12, 2019 The proposed amendments include a mechanism for extraditions to mainland China, triggering fears in Hong Kong that Beijing could detain people in Hong Kong and try them across the border under its more opaque legal system.

“She ignores the people's voices as if they are dirt and muck.” Naturally, the city's Education Bureau said the calls for a school boycott were “extremely irresponsible.” Just as predictable, Beijing has backed Lam, with officials telling state media that foreign powers had colluded with local dissidents to cause unrest, straight out of Maduro's playbook.

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