FAST FIVE: Obama Judge Blocks Trump's Border Wall

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So it shouldn't come as a surprise that one of these judges – US District Court Judge Haywood Gilliam, appointed to the bench by Obama in 2014 – sided with the ACLU, Sierra Club and the Southern Border Communities Coalition on Friday and ruled that two border-wall related construction projects shouldn't be allowed to proceed.

This, despite the fact that even Trump's fiercest opponents in Congress have acknowledged that the crisis at the border is very, very real.

Gilliam's ruling doesn't prevent the Trump administration from using other sources to fund the wall.

“Defendants' argument that the need for the requested border barrier construction funding was 'unforeseen' cannot logically be squared with the Administration's multiple requests for funding for exactly that purpose dating back to at least early 2018,” the Obama nominee wrote.

Since the earliest days of Trump's presidency, judges from the District Court for the Northern District of California or the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals have blocked immigration-related policies including Trump's travel ban (eventually upheld by the Supreme Court) and the 'Remain in Mexico' policy of releasing asylum seekers to Mexico to await their court hearings, instead of allowing them to roam free inside the US (a court battle is still being waged and the fate of this policy has not yet been decided).

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