FAST FIVE: "Drop Gold" Myths: A Naturalist Exposition Of Gold's Manifest Superiority To Bitcoin As Money

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It is my sincere belief that the public benefits from first-hand knowledge and lived experience that professionals with backgrounds such as mine have earned, and that people like myself have a shared responsibility to directly contribute to the discourse at hand when these impasses arise through reasoned discussion and debate.

Such a measure, which must be self-evident to the primary cooperators within a given cooperative society (those engaged in producing the existentially-mandated surplus of metabolic energy) will be demanded as money through time by all members of the cooperative society (from the farmer to the software engineer and all individual cooperative nodes in-between).

An estimate of value density must aim to achieve two things: 1.) Ascertain how much metabolic energy per volumetric space is embodied; and 2.) How long will that metabolic energy last in its most perfect embodiment.

Here a skeptic may once again jump in, asking why comparing the weight of Bitcoin equipment has anything to do with the weight of Gold.

In this way, Bitcoin is a melting abstraction requiring ever more hardware and ever greater amounts of energy just to perpetuate its own existence.

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