FAST FIVE: From Golden Boy To "Deflated" – The Media Trajectory Of Juan Guaido

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But after CNN's Fareed Zakaria pointed out to Guaido's ambassador to the US, Carlos Vecchio, that “nothing really happened that day,” Vecchio explained: “This is a process.

Even the New York Times conceded that “the protests that filled the streets with Mr Guaidó's supporters are dwindling.” And the failed April 30 coup follows a long list of other provocations, including the failed attempt to have US “humanitarian aid” cross the border into Venezuela from Colombia.

Indeed, Vecchio was to meet with US Southern Command on Monday but reports indicate that the meeting failed to come to fruition.

The LA Times wrote “US-Guaido strategy flops again: Is this working?” On Wednesday, the Washington Post characterized the attempted military coup as an “abortive uprising” and a “failure.” Slate ran with the headline: “A Reality Check for Venezuela.” An article published by the Times on Tuesday characterized Guaido as “deflated” in its headline, which has since been altered.

Vecchio told Bloomberg in January: We're not willing to participate in any dialogue of the type Maduro is interested in, and the only thing we will accept in our agenda is how we will negotiate his exit.” Guaido too has rejected a number of mediation offers, including from Mexico, Uruguay, the European Union and Russia.

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