FAST FIVE: Drivers Are Turning To Sex Dolls And Mannequins To Use HOV Lanes

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An increasing number of drivers are illegally using HOV carpool lanes by stuffing mannequins, skeletons, even blowup sex dolls and various other items into their cars to try and fool police into thinking that they have a passenger when they don't.

Washington state is weighing a bill to raise penalties for HOV lane abuse, while other police departments are simply shaming transgressors to discourage others.

Suffolk County Highway Patrol Deputy Inspector David Regina said: “There's nothing to say you can't have a mannequin in your passenger seat, but if you're skirting the rules and breaking the law, it becomes an issue.” The California Highway Patrol recently shamed a man who was caught in Oakland with two fake passengers in his car.

State police spokesman Bart Graves said: “It happens all the time.

One Amazon vendor got wise and actually started offering a product called “Carpool Kenny” which was an inflatable torso, akin to the “Autopilot” from the Airplane movies.

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