FAST FIVE: Academic Elitists Have Invented A New Way To Rig Voting In The Future

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My point is, these are not the kinds of people that are going to solve the world's malfunctions – they can't even solve their own malfunctions.

For a presidential election in which there are usually only two candidates given mainstream coverage and party resources, control is much easier.

But, what about in the legislative process.

These people are clearly globalists that have no respect for the tenets of Libertarianism or sovereignty movements, yet they feel the need to ascribe libertarian values to their globalist projects.

But, as noted, by controlling a minority of legislators on either side of the game, the elites can dictate or predict the entire outcome of each vote using tiny and imperceptible “mistakes” to rig the contest.  How this would translate to popular voting is not exactly clear, but it certainly changes the face of legislation forever.

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