FAST FIVE: National Retail Federation Warns Trump's Tariffs Could Be Devastating For Consumers

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Trump has repeatedly told the American people that China pays the tariffs, which is fake news according to NRF data.

We don't plan to lay anyone off, but until the situation stabilizes, and we have some clarity about our future, we'll just continue buying bike frames from China.” High-end audio equipment manufacturer AudioControl imports about 25 percent of its parts from China.

Polaris, manufacturer of snowmobiles, ATVs and motorcycles, will take a hit of about $195-$200 million with the introduction of new tariffs.

CEO Phil Page says, “It's very difficult to understand what the President is going to do by a business perspective.

He's never seen so many negative things happening at the same time for farmers: “Let's quit playing these games and get it over with.”.

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