FAST FIVE: CJ Hopkins: Democracy Versus The 'Putin-Nazis'

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An ideology is just a system of ideas, and is thus fair game for critique and dissent.

In our case, this would be Science, or Reason, rather than some supernatural being, but in terms of ideology there isn't much difference.

What I'm saying is, “reality” is a concept, a concept invented and developed by people – a concept that serves a variety of purposes, some philosophical, some political.

The powerful are not arguing with us.

Until then, it's going to be pretty much non-stop “Democracy versus the Putin-Nazis.” So, unless you're enjoying our new “reality,” or are willing to conform to it for some other reason, prepare to be smeared as “a Russia-loving, Putin-apologizing conspiracy theorist,” or a “fascism-enabling, Trump-loving Nazi,” or some other type of insidiously Slavic, white supremacist, mass-murder enthusiast.

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