FAST FIVE: Two Scenarios For Trump-Russia Investigators… And Neither Is Comforting

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It goes something like this: The sharp, super-sleuth investigative skills of top officials within the Justice Department and our intel community enabled them to identify Donald Trump and his campaign as treacherous conduits to Russian President Vladimir Putin himself.

So that leaves several other possibilities – and none of them is good: They knew One possibility to be considered is that top Obama administration officials knew all along there never was any real collusion or crime at play, but they manufactured the false Russia premise in order to justify their political spying.

This effort included surveillance using paid spies and wiretaps on multiple Trump associates, as reported in the press.

They misinterpreted evidence, misread people's actions and barked up the wrong trees.

They misconstrued exceedingly common business and political contacts with Russians as deep, dark, dastardly plots.

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