FAST FIVE: FT Editors Warn Washington's "Coercive Steps" Against Huawei Are "Seriously Misguided"

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FT reporters warned yesterday that Google's decision to cut Huawei off from most Android-related offerings represented a “hammer blow” to the telecoms giant's rapidly expanding smartphone business.

Indeed, the US steps appear part of an attempt to constrain China's rise.

The latest US moves seem designed to cripple or crush one of the first Chinese tech companies to become globally competitive – and one that relies on American suppliers in both mobile phones and network equipment.

And if China is forced to divorce its tech industry from the American tech industry, it could accelerate the 'splintering' of the Internet.

The US and the west should not seek to block China's rise but encourage it to co-operate in a rules-based system, by setting good examples themselves.

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