FAST FIVE: Visualizing The 150 Apps That Power The Gig Economy

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Go back in time a decade, and you'd have a tough time convincing anyone that they would be “employed” through an app on their phone.

And yet, as Visual Capitalist's Jeff Desjardins explains, in a short period of time, the emergence of the smartphone has enabled the gig economy to flourish into a multi-trillion dollar global market.

Art, Design, and Crafting Etsy, a marketplace for handmade goods, is one the of the best known brands in this category.

However, there are many other niche options here as well – for example, UncommonGoods specializes in unique gifts, while Society6 focuses on gallery quality art prints.

Delivery Fast and efficient delivery services are a centerpiece to the gig economy, and there are no shortage of options here.

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