FAST FIVE: Lawrence Wilkerson Warns The US Is Driving Down A Highway To War With China

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The drive toward war is not undertaken in response to a real threat posed by China to the people of America.

Instead, argues Wilkerson, the US government is moving toward war for reasons related to money for both the military and the broader military-industrial complex, as well to advance President Donald Trump's domestic political goals.

Wilkerson, who is a member of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity's Academic Board, elaborates on the US military's money-seeking motivation to advance the new China scare, stating: All of this right now, first and foremost, is a budget ploy.

The military just hooks up like it is hooking up to an intravenous, you know, an IV system and the money just pours out-slush fund money, appropriated money, everything else.

US government efforts against terrorism, explains Wilkerson, have also been used to ensure the money keeps flowing.

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