FAST FIVE: Yuma Arizona Shuts Its Doors To Illegals: Declares State Of Emergency

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Full statement: – City of Yuma (@cityofyuma) April 17, 2019 “Migrants continue to be released at a rate that cannot be sustained, overwhelming the current non-profit shelter system,” Mayor Nicholls said.

He explained it needs to be clear at the national level that Yuma cannot sustain this humanitarian crisis.

via Branco Mayor Nicholls explained migrant families released to the shelter are waiting to be transported to cities throughout the nation; they are not staying in the Yuma community.

Prior to arriving at the local shelter, each migrant is processed through USBP, has been issued paperwork to travel in the United States, and has been ordered to appear at a court proceeding.

USBP conducts health and background screenings of each migrant family member.

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