FAST FIVE: Tesla Loses Three More Executives, Including Former Model 3 Director Of Manufacturing

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Gicinto had been previously been accused of spying on competitors during his time at Uber, a complaint detailed in a whistleblower submission on Tesla in 2018.

Padilla had been speculated by some to have helped oversee operations at Tesla's Gigafactory 1.

His LinkedIn page shows his tenure at Tesla ending in just under two years.

He has posted a new role as “Vice President of Operational Excellence” at a company called EFI.  With the company's upcoming autonomous driving cash grab event in just days and “lots to look forward to” in 2019, it remains stunning as to why so many employees – situated at the cusp of greatness working for visionary Elon Musk – are instead simply choosing to make their way out the door, one after the other.

After all, we wrote just weeks ago about an incident where CEO Elon Musk may have been involved in a physical confrontation with an employee who had handed in his resignation last September. Musk reportedly made physical contact with the employee in a “heated confrontation that drew the attention of other employees” before spilling out into the hallway and later the parking lot. .

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