FAST FIVE: "Kicking The Can Down The Road Forever": Nobody In Charge Wants 2019 To Actually Begin

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For example, look at Brexit.

Oh, and in the meantime those US tariffs stay in place, and supply chains will continue to bleed out of China to other economies, which the US is hardly.

(Of course, we have a strong view on what they will be doing next eventually, and it's not raising rates.) In short, 2019 is aping 1984: not just on the invasive/repressive technology front, where China is leading the way, but in that its vision of the future being a boot kicking a can down the road – forever.

Tomorrow it's a speech from the RBA's Kent, likely to remain deeply in denial, and then Aussie house prices for Q2, likely to remain deeply in the red.

Friday rounds us off with Japanese CPI and global manufacturing and services PMIs for March, which are very preliminary at this stage, then UK government borrowing and Canadian retail sales and CPI, followed by US existing home sales.

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