FAST FIVE: Turkey Claims NZ Mosque Shooter Previously Entered Country For "Assassination" Attempt

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Image source: CCTV still frame published by TRT World Turkish media further linked the supposed 2016 “assassination plans” to the newly unearthed manifesto's references to “the assassination of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan”.

Also interesting is the attempt to vaguely link Tarrant's travels to the “July 15 defeated coup” attempt aimed at forcing Erdogan from power.  Turkish officials believe the New Zealand mosque attacker had plans “to carry out terror attack and/ or an assassination” in Turkey – TRT World (@trtworld) March 15, 2019 Turkish police are currently investigating the New Zealand mosque shooter's 43-day travels inside the country, but it should also be noted that he visited a number of East European and other countries during the same period, which are conducting their own investigations.  Erdogan shows the crowd video of #Christchurch murderer during his election rally in the Turkish city of Tekirdağ, with a title “Terrorist Enemy of Islam and Turks”. – Gilgo (@GforGilgo) March 16, 2019 Meanwhile independent Turkish media outlet Ahval News highlighted the timing of both Erdogan's and state media's sensational claims regarding an “assassination attempt”: Erdoğan went on to link the attack to the local elections on March 31, for which the president has been involved in a furious campaign in recent weeks.

Are you ready to send a message to the enemies of Islam and Turkey on March 31?” Erdoğan called out to the crowd in Gaziantep.

State broadcasters in Turkey have also come under fire for airing uncensored footage of the live stream of the New Zealand attacks throughout the day Friday.

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