FAST FIVE: Japan Says Transgender People Must Be Sterilized For Official Recognition

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A transgender woman who identifies as a man has sued Japan's Supreme Court over a ruling earlier this year that requires sterilization before the state will officially recognize someone as the opposite gender, reports The Economist.

Takakito Usui has sued the court over the requirement that in order to be recognized as a man, she has to have her ovaries and uterus removed, as well as have surgery to turn her vagina into a penis.

-The Economist Critics have argued that transgender people are not suffering from a psychological disorder.

Japanese society is patriarchal and retains strong gender stereotypes, she says. -The Economist That said, the court did note in Usuri's case that the law may need to “evolve” along with society.

Recent polls have suggested that Japan is gradually becoming more socially liberal, with over 70% of respondents in a January survey saying they are in favor of stronger legal protections for gay and transgender people.

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