FAST FIVE: US Officials Offered My Friend Cash To Take Down Tehran's Power Grid

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He wasn't a particularly political person, though he had participated in some DC protests in the aftermath of the hotly contested 2009 presidential elections.

A colleague with an engineering background has this to say about it: “This could be a password for power grids or any equipment that is governed by an electronic or computer system.

The US has countered, blaming the power outage on corruption and infrastructure neglect by the government of President Nicolás Maduro - against whom Washington has been staging a rather unsuccessful coup effort these past months.

In Syria, for instance, the US military specifically targeted major economic infrastructure under the guise of 'fighting ISIS.' These include but are not limited to oilfields, wells and facilities, electrical transformer stations, gas plants, bridges, canals, a number of vital dams and reservoirs in the country's northern agricultural belt - and power generation facilities.

Has the US engaged in cyber warfare against Iranian infrastructure.

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