FAST FIVE: What's Up With Australia's 80 Tonnes Of Gold At The Bank Of England?

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Throughout the last 20 years, the RBA also admits that a lot of its claimed gold holdings have been lent out in the secretive London Gold Lending Market, but there is no information whatsoever available on any of these lending transactions or the serial numbers of the gold bars involved.

Try to ask central banks simple questions about their gold and you will see that not one central bank will ever divulge important information about its gold, or its gold operations, or its gold related policy discussions with other central banks.

Those who have been running the Anglo and American and Western European central banks and their London and New York commercial bank counterparts for the last 50 years, the same people who congregate at the BIS in Basel and are represented on the Group of Thirty and the Bretton Woods Committee, i.e.

There are at least 17,000 tonnes of gold held in China, not including the gold holdings of the Chinese central bank.

Both of these markets are essentially trading synthetic paper gold, unallocated gold, cash-settled gold, or screen gold.

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