FAST FIVE: Trump To Keep 400 Troops In Syria After European Allies Balked At "Multi-National Force"

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Lindsey Graham who've long promoted regime change in Syria, and have beat the war drums against Assad ally Iran. Graham praised the Thursday announcement to leave behind “a peacekeeping force”.

The idea would be that these 200 remaining US troops would be able to provide unique high-end capabilities – such as logistics, intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and calling in airstrikes – that would help encourage coalition countries like France and the United Kingdom to also keep their troops in Syria to help ensure the safe zone with a force of some 1,500 international troops.

Forces will reportedly be split between the northeast and the Al-Tanf base in the south, in support of a proposed “multinational force” of about 1,500 troops, though European allies have yet to fully commit to the plan.

Bloomberg reports further:  President Donald Trump's reversal on plans to withdraw US forces from Syria came after he was convinced European allies wouldn't remain on the battlefield without American support, risking a resurgence of Islamic State, according to a senior administration official familiar with the decision.

With the Islamic State now in tatters and defeated, the “counter Iran” argument has been pushed harder of late in order to convince Trump to keep the small US island of occupation in the heart of a volatile desert region where Syria, Iraq and Jordan meet.

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