FAST FIVE: "They Are Getting Overwhelmed": Leaked Photos Reveal Border Facility Overloaded With Migrants

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Photos leaked to Breitbart's Brandon Darby and Ildefonso Ortiz reveal a massive overload at US border facilities packed with migrants from Central America and other parts of the world.  Breitbart exclusively obtained the photos that are reminiscent of the Obama-era border surge.

According to the source of the images, the photos were taken on February 17, 2019.

-Breitbart The images came from an anonymous source “operating under the umbrella of CBP,” who said “The medical staff at the facility can't keep doing this.

They are getting overwhelmed.” Another CBP source told Breitbart “This is no different than what we were dealing with during the Obama Administration.

It's almost across the entire Southwest border that we are being overwhelmed by migrant families.” “We are basically facilitating Mexican cartels' migrant smuggling operations into the interior of America.

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