FAST FIVE: The Nightmare Fairyland Of The Green New Dealers

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And I also want the US government to guide and subsidize the rest of the world to do the same.

Then with beautiful little birds chirping in the air in a clear blue sky, we will all live happily ever after in the Green New Deal paradise.

And if they are still in government when some of those longer-run consequences start to appear, who will go back and check their voting record from decades earlier to prove that it's really all their fault.

Read through House Resolution 109, and not once do you find any reference to limits, scarcity, trade-offs, costs, or consumer choice and private-enterprise decision-making.

Nor should there be any concern about the money for all this, because that is what taxing the rich and government borrowing are for; and last but certainly not least, the money to pay for it can always be created since that is what central banks are for.

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