FAST FIVE: Doug Noland: Central Banks Are "Hostages Of Market Bubbles"

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Among subprime borrowers – those with credit scores below 620- the delinquency rate was 16.3% in mid-2018.

When it comes to Bubbles, the more conspicuous they are the less likely they are to be deeply systemic.

The “tech” Bubble was obvious, yet the most egregious excess was contained within the technology sector.

China's securities regulator has started to remove many of the curbs designed to keep out speculators, signaling an end to the highly restrictive era that started when a boom in the country's stocks turned to bust in 2015.

China's residential mortgage-backed securities issuance more than tripled in 2018, just as the nation's household debt to disposable income ratio exceeds that of the US Italy's coalition government is in sharp disagreement over protecting the independence of the Bank of Italy, after senior politicians threatened to remove its leadership.

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