FAST FIVE: Spreading The Fake Smollett "MAGA Country" Hate Crime: A Mainstream Media Montage

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When oh when dear mainstream media will you ever learn to get off the same old script.

Watch yet another avalanche of fake mainstream media viral “coverage”:  Montage of mainstream media spreading fake news that #JussieSmollett was attacked by white men in MAGA hats.

As Fox News' Brian Flood also remarks, “CNN is all in on the Jussie Smollett news.

(@DonaldJTrumpJr) February 17, 2019 Indeed see for yourself CNN's initial wall-to-wall reporting of the now confirmed fake “this is MAGA country” supposedly racial and homophobic attack.

Meanwhile perhaps it's time for CNN's “media janitor”, Brian Stelter, who is oh so quick to point out the bias in every other network except his own, tackle the most difficult and embarrassing question: why were the mainstream – and fringe – journalists who were skeptical of Smollett's claims, attacked and forced to self-censor when the case was unfolding, and will continue to self-censor knowing that if they criticize Smollett directly they would be accused of homophobia and racism.

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