FAST FIVE: Why Russia Won't Invade Ukraine, The Baltic Statelets, Or Anybody Else

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But what is conspicuously missing from this narrative is a discussion of the possible Russian motives for such a military move.

For some reason, this question is rarely, if ever, asked.

But since their independence, these countries have not only ruined themselves and destroyed the infrastructure they inherited from the “Soviet occupiers,” but Russia has also successfully replaced the infrastructure and industries she lost after 1991.

Well, we all know how these Nazi “culture-carrying” White supremacists ended, don't we: sic transit gloria mundi indeed- These carriers of the values of a “united Europe” and “western civilization” were totally defeated by these men: These are the men who destroyed 80% of the Nazi military and who *really* won WWII (not Patton or MacArthur!) These memories are what truly terrifies the western elites: the existence of a different civilizational realm which not only dares to defy the AngloZionist Empire openly, but which has already defeated every western hegemonic power which dared to attacked it in the past.

Western liberal democracies are, in reality, plutocracies which were created by a class of capitalist thugs with the purpose of controlling our entire planet.  This was true before WWII.

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