FAST FIVE: North Carolina Election Thrown Into Chaos As Investigators Target "Vote Harvesting" Scheme

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North Carolina's 9th district congressional race has remained uncertified amid allegations of election irregularities and fraud – in particular surrounding the practice of “harvesting” absentee ballots by which people are paid to go door-to-door and collect uncast votes – an illegal practice in the state.  According to NBC, state investigators have been probing election board records in several counties to determine whether there was an organized effort to canvas neighborhoods and collect thousands of absentee ballots – and then not turn them over to election officials.  They are especially interested in Bladen County, a rural, low-income area in the southeastern part of the state where investigators are looking at several individuals who turned in requests for absentee ballots on behalf of hundreds of voters.

“I told her, 'Sure.' I had broke the seal in front of her to show it was never opened,” Montgomery said.

I just filled out two blocks, and I gave it to her.” Montgomery, 27, lives with her 4-year old daughter in a neatly manicured public housing complex named Twisted Hickory just outside of Elizabethtown in Bladen County.

Dowless – known for get-out-the-vote campaigns revolving around absentee ballots, was hired by a firm working for Republican candidate Mark Harris against Democrat Dan McCready, and was rumored to be in line for a $40,000 bonus if Harris won the election.  As we detailed on Tuesday, a woman told local news outlet WSOC that Dowless paid her to collect ballots, which she says he never told her was illegal.  Dowless was hired by the Harris campaign as well as other local campaigns, according to The Washington Post, to help in Bladen County.

When NBC News contacted Sandra Dowless, she “had nothing to say,” while the network was unable to reach the others. .

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