FAST FIVE: How Much Do CEOs Of Tech Companies Make Pre-IPO?

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We looked at companies with an IPO in 2018 and the Executive Compensation data in their S-1 filing.

Dropbox's Drew Houston is, by a significant margin, the highest paid CEO, with over $110M in compensation in the year.

By comparison, the highest paid CEO of the Fortune 100 companies, Jeff Bewkes of Time Warner, made significantly less, at $49M in annual total compensation.

Dropbox, with the highest paid CEO, is the only company with over $1B in revenue for the fiscal year preceding their IPO.

Pluralsight had the second highest paid CEO, but only ranked 15th in terms of revenue, at $167M. Sonos, however, had the second highest revenue, $993M, but their CEO was 19th highest paid.

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