FAST FIVE: French MPs To Launch "No Confidence Vote" Against Unpopular Macron

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Authored by Joseph Jankowski via, French Members of Parliment are set to launch a No Confidence vote against Emmanuel Macron as the President has become plagued by plummeting popularity poll numbers and nationwide unrest.

The vote will stem from left-wing opposition parties, such as the French Socialist Party, far-left Defiant France, and the Communist Party, who have all agreed to work together on the effort.

“We've decided to work together to file a no-confidence vote [to the government] next Monday,” First Secretary of the Socialist Party Olivier Faure said of the matter, according to Express UK.

Under article 49 of the French constitution, a vote of no-confidence is a means for the National Assembly, on its own initiative, to force the government to resign.

Video: #Macron to fire bodyguard caught on camera beating protestor – CGTN (@CGTNOfficial) July 20, 2018 Both the popularity rating of Macron and Prime Minister Edouard Philippe are at staggering lows in the face of the Yellow Vests protests that kicked off November 17 over proposed fuel tax hikes.

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