FAST FIVE: Foundation Flooded With Inquiries After Offering $10,000 For Workers To Move To Tulsa

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According to the Omaha World-Herald, roughly 1,000 people have already reached out to the George Kaiser Family Foundation's “Tulsa Remote” program to ask about its offer to pay people from out of state $10,000 to relocate to Tulsa for a year – a response the foundation described as “phenomenal.” Some of the inquiries have even come from outside the US, the foundation said.

Unfortunately, only 20 to 25 people will receive grants, with the first batch coming early next year, and the rest coming in the following months.

But to sweeten the offer, the transplants would have the option of living in a trendy arts district with discounted rent and free utilities for the first three months of their stay.

According to the program's manager, a “successful” outcome would involve at least some of the participants becoming so enmeshed in the fabric of the city that they decide to stick around.

Move to Tulsa, show you've voted, get paid a stipend.

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