FAST FIVE: Bank Of England Unveils The Seven Deadly Paradoxes Of Cryptocurrency

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But for cryptos they are much larger because i) Exchanges are illiquid, ii) Some players are vast relative to the market iii) There isn't a natural balance of buyers and sellers iv) opinion is more volatile and polarised.  High prices reflect cornering the market and hoarding, rather than ability to readily sell to a host of willing buyers.  For some assets with concentrated ownership, investors sometimes fear dominant players selling up.

This severely limits the scope for these transactions, unless there is 100% pre-funding: which is usually prohibitively expensive in terms of tied up capital, and/or obviates the need for the transaction (if I could 100% pre-fund a mortgage, I wouldn't need one-).

Auer and Claessens demonstrate empirically that developments which help establish legal frameworks for cryptocurrencies increase their value.

Bring it closer to the realm of regulated financial institutions and it increases in value.

Perhaps new and better cryptocurrencies will arise to overcome all of the intrinsic problems of today's.

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