They've got a start, but we have the greatest people in the world, we make the greatest equipment in the world, we make the greatest rockets, and missiles, and tanks, and ships in the world.”  He said his record $700bn+ military budget that would “fully rebuild the American military” and vaunted that creation of the Space Force, first announced last June, is already underway.  “You know it's all about space.

Based on details from comments made by Vice President Mike Pence in August, the US Space Force is set to become the sixth branch of the Military as well as to help ensure “American dominance in space” by 2020.

via Tennessee Star In response to President Trump's Saturday night remarks invoking Russia as having “already started” its program, Russian state-funded media channels were quick to respond that Moscow is not seeking the militarization of space.  RT News' commentary on Trump's statement included the following: The key difference is in the mission statements.

The Russian 'space force' exists to “observe space objects, detect threats to Russia in space and from space, and counter them if necessary,” launch satellites for military and dual (military plus civilian) use, obtain satellite intelligence, as well as maintaining them in working order.

In short, nothing any country with reasonable satellite-launching capability, including the US, doesn't already do.

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