Cipollone Cipollone, a former DOJ attorney who practices commercial litigation, was reportedly interviewed by President Trump this week, after having advised the President's outside legal time since at least June.

(As with any decision in Trumpworld, the president could reverse it or some other obstacle could emerge in the paperwork process.

He's done some white collar in the past but is not a big player, like [Emmet] Flood, in the government investigations spot.” The source continued that Emmet Flood, the lawyer most heavily touted for the job, “was a perfect choice” to handle government investigations given his private practice and previous White House experience.

“But he's a true believer,” the source said of Cipollone. “He's a big Trump supporter.” Cipollone is a practicing Catholic, having served on the board of the Catholic Information Center.

And he leaves the flock to find the lost sheep, and maybe you're lost and he's trying to find you.”  .

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