In a shocking report citing a bevy of anonymous DOJ officials, the NYT recounted on Friday an aborted mutiny attempt organized by Rosenstein, who allegedly tried to organize members of Trump's cabinet to invoke the 25th amendment to oust Trump from office.

Mr Rosenstein made the remarks about secretly recording Mr Trump and about the 25th Amendment in meetings and conversations with other Justice Department and F.B.I.

None of Mr Rosenstein's proposals apparently came to fruition.

It is not clear how determined he was about seeing them through, though he did tell Mr McCabe that he might be able to persuade Attorney General Jeff Sessions and John F.

According to the NYT, this all happened during the spring of 2017, shortly after Trump cited a letter that Rosenstein had penned criticizing former FBI Director James Comey's handling of the Clinton probe as justification to fire Comey.

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