Co-founder Miguel McKelvy detailed the new policy in an email to employees this week, noting that the firm's upcoming “Summer Camp” employee retreat would offer no meat options for attendees.  In his email, McKelvey advised employees that the meat-free move would affect the company's travel and expense policy, as well as WeWork's “Honesty Market,” a self-serve food and drink kiosk system present in some of its 400 co-working buildings.

-Bloomberg We're sure there will be ample soy-based options to fuel WeWork employees' need for protein, while it is unclear if fish will be an option since it's not specifically mentioned in the memo.

The company says they're introducing the new policy for environmental reasons.

-Time That said, WeWork employees who require “medical or religious” allowances are discussing options with the company's policy team.

If they're granted exemptions, however, we assume they will be met with disapproving looks from jealous co-workers as they sink their teeth into their meat of choice.

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