According to news accounts, after about 20 minutes of protestors shouting down Murray's ability to speak, “Professor Stanger then took the microphone and asked the students, 'Can you just listen for one minute.' Many in the audience replied, 'no.' She added that, 'I spent a lot of time preparing hard questions.' Finally, she conceded that, 'You're not going to let us speak.'” Stanger is a liberal professor who chose to combat Murray's ideas with words, not violence or the heckler's veto.

Take this litmus test: How do you react when presented with new information or a viewpoint that contradicts your beliefs.

You welcome the opportunity to challenge your beliefs with this new information, a process that may enable you to more strongly confirm the justness of your belief and sharpen your argument in favor of it.

There are campuses that offer mental health counseling to students who cannot bear ” even the thought of an individual coming to campus” to express non-politically correct views.

Anyone who disagrees with a Leftist is obviously a racist, or homophobe or a tool of the rich and therefore must be discredited through name-calling.

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