As for Riverside Park mentioned by Metro, this may be a figment of their imagination, as no such named park exists in Salisbury.

Here is a snippet: “Aiden and his pals are thought to be the youngest of 130 exposed to the nerve agent Novichok, said to have been unleashed in Salisbury by President Vladimir Putin- Aiden's family were alerted after cops traced him from CCTV pics.

Thirdly, assuming the latest official narrative, did the failure to close off and clean up Queen Elizabeth Gardens back in March, when it was known the Skripals had been there, make it more or less likely that someone would come into contact with the alleged nerve agent container at some point.

I think you'll agree that they deserve serious answers.

Again, I am indebted to the lady who pointed the Queen Elizabeth Gardens connection out to me, who has helpfully created a map with the main areas of interest (see below).

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