They claimed that the report found “sufficient evidence in humans that the consumption of processed meat causes colorectal cancer.” According to the IARC Report: “Meat consists of multiple components, such as haem iron.

Meat can also contain chemicals that form during meat processing or cooking.

According to Reporting The Truth, WHO made the decision to bacon and other processed meats in with the ranks of other notoriously carcinogenic substances such as asbestos, arsenic, cigarettes, and alcohol.

Often, the WHO, CDC (Centers for Disease Control), and other government organizations have the ability to cause a media outcry based on nothing more what they say. The WHO has no genuine intention of keeping people healthy, being some altruistic force to make sure people don't get bowel cancer.

When the government starts “officially” recognizing the danger of tobacco, they start trying to make laws that do nothing but line the pockets of politicians with new taxes, and create annoying little additional hassles for people who will not give up smoking cigarettes either way.

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