“So, in this moment, here in the land of legislatively legitimated toxic masculinity,” Walters begins.

Don't be in charge of anything.

And win.” While Walters advocates for electing women instead of men in the op-ed, she also asserted in an interview with Northeastern's news website during the 2016 election that not just “any woman” would do, saying that sending a woman like Carly Fiorina or Sarah Palin to the White House “would set all women back” because of their anti-feminist “agendas.”   This is not the first instance of Walters' targeting men and labeling masculinity as negative or toxic.

In addition to being the director of the WGS program, Walters' also teaches classes like “Sex, Gender, and Popular Culture,” which, according to the course description, “analyzes popular texts and media for their treatment of gender and sexuality and the intersection of those categories.” * *  * UPDATE: Northeastern University Media Relations Specialist Shannon Nargi provided the following statement to Campus Reform: “Northeastern University steadfastly supports a safe and inclusive learning and working environment in which hate has no place.

Northeastern is committed to fostering an environment in which controversial ideas can be discussed, debated, and challenged.”.

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