“All Crimea and Sevastopol are without power.

MAIN CITIES IN CRIMEA SUFFER POWER BLACKOUT – TWO WITNESSES – Reuters HEAD OF CRIMEA CONFIRMS POWER BLACKOUT ON THE WHOLE TERRITORY OF CRIMEA As Meduza.io reports, Kubanenergo (the Kuban Power and Electrification Open Joint Stock Company) confirmed a large-scale “technical shutdown” of the power line that feeds electricity to the Crimean peninsula, telling Kryminform that it expects to fix the issue within two hours.

But before speculation builds that this is some US government black hat hacker launching a cyber war against Ukraine Russia, Tass cites a source in Russia's emergency management service who said that the reason for the power outage is an accident at the “Taman” substation in the Krasnodar Territory.

Government buildings, bank branches, some stores are connected to backup power sources.

And information about the disconnection of the entire territory of the peninsula from energy conservation Kryminformug was also confirmed by two sources in the enterprises of the telecommunications sphere in the Crimea.

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