#LeilaniEstatesEruption #KilaueaVolcano #HAPPENINGNOW: An incredible new image of the sun rising over Puna as pāhoehoe lava enters the ocean off of Mālama Flats after crossing Hwy137 Saturday night https://t.co/5VbbwlSLxd @HawaiiNewsNow #HINews #HawaiiNews (Photo: Dave Okita) pic.twitter.com/6PrlnbEaou – Mileka Lincoln (@MilekaLincoln) May 20, 2018 “The rift zone is being forced apart,” added Steve Brantley of the USGS.

Residents need to evacuate immediately https://t.co/CVD2oBGFkQ @HawaiiNewsNow #HINews #HawaiiNews pic.twitter.com/ZK2zGpm83Z – Mileka Lincoln (@MilekaLincoln) May 20, 2018 #LeilaniEstatesEruption #KilaueaVolcano LATEST: We're #LIVE from the lower East Rift Zone at 12p, but here's a USGS update: Fountaining is occurring at Fissure 17, and Fissures 16-20 have merged into a continuous line https://t.co/9RTtuHGhsG (Video: Ikaika Marzo) @HawaiiNewsNow pic.twitter.com/vRXhizVFEO – Mileka Lincoln (@MilekaLincoln) May 19, 2018 New video shows lava in the Lanipuna Gardens subdivision claiming another home, at least the 28th that has been destroyed by the Kilauea eruptions.

https://t.co/CiSNf9Brdn #HINews pic.twitter.com/btBD2JzeuY – Hawaii News Now (@HawaiiNewsNow) May 19, 2018 Footage of a man losing his home taken by Lava News can be seen below.

The description in the video reads “After non-stop truck loads to Higher Ground the owner retreated only minutes before his house was taken.

He wasn't interested in seeing it happen with his own eyes so we recorded it for him with his permission.”   Meanwhile, a man's leg was destroyed after a “lava bomb” hit him while he was on his 3rd floor balcony, marking the first serious injury from the eruption.

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