-BuzzFeed “A lot of our past action has been content-based, and we have been shifting more and more toward conduct and behaviors on the system,” Dorsey said in a Monday briefing at the company's San Francisco headquarters.  The push is meant to get out ahead of problems that might normally result in an abuse report under the existing system.

“This is a step, but we can see this going quite far.” lol, Twitter is going to start shadowbanning accounts who even follow/talk to people who violate their terms of service.

pic.twitter.com/EI0T2J7FVn – DatNoFact (@datnofact) May 15, 2018 Dorsey says he will do a periscope soon about the changes.  Will do a periscope about this soon.

Looking at behavior, not content, is the best way to do that.https://t.co/r5mhES2riH – jack (@jack) May 15, 2018 So now Twitter is planning to censor any tweets reported “for abuse?” Really.

The point of this is to stop such gaming of our systems.

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