In the first place, there is no threat whatsoever in the region to the safety and security of the American people. With the strategic nuclear triad already in place, there is no risk of nuclear blackmail by either side, neither of which has nuclear weapons nor any prospect of an offensive intercontinental first strike capacity, anyway.

Likewise, the Persian Gulf is not an American lake, and the solution to high oil prices is high oil prices.

That is to say, it has now been unequivocally demonstrated during the nearly five decades since the 1973 oil crisis that global energy supply and price is a matter for the free market, not the Fifth Fleet.

The biggest threat inflation lies in the demonization of Putin and the anti-Russian hysteria that suffuses the Imperial City.

But then when the Donald  unaccountably won the Presidential election and Obama's inner circle invented the Russia collusion hoax to explain it and potentially reverse it—-the Russia threat inflation was off to the races.

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